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I just had to write to you about this soap!!!

I have been using the same soap for 10+ years until I came across a bottle of Pepper & Pinks Two to Tango!!
Can I just say how much I love this product……
The fact that it is cruelty free and has organic essential oils is the reason I was drawn to it, how great it is, is a bonus!!
The SMELL is to die for but now using it for 6 months it is also an amazing product for my skin. (without all the added garbage most products have these days).
My hands are so soft now & honestly everyone that has entered my house has asked what soap I use.

Glad I found your website, & was able to buy it in bulk (haha), & now it is in every soap dispenser I own.
Even my son has asked for it in his bathroom….perhaps I will share??? =]

Thank-you for shipping so fast & for the bonus hair oil, which I use on the daily but will now order this from you as well.

Again, Thank you!!!
Cannot wait to try all your other products.

Sincerely with love & peace,

Wendy Farrell